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The software is a step up from previous Symbian phones, eschewing that confusing double-tap interface for a single-tap mandate. The screen is very responsive, despite the phone's relatively anemic MHz processor, rarely lagging or stuttering. The Ovi Store, Nokia's app store, is easy to navigate though it doesn't come pre-installed, for some reason , and the multimedia capabilities have been revamped for the better--its format support in particular is quite good, playing back most files I threw at it. Multitasking worked great as well, boldly swiping Palm WebOS's "card" interface but that's fine with me; it's a great idea, after all.

Lord, where to start. Trying to change any setting involves stumbling through countless menus and sub-menus that are often unclear or misleadingly named, and encountering at least a few error messages some of which contain typos that most users will find completely incomprehensible. On failing to connect to a Wi-Fi network: Advanced settings can be edited in security settings of access point. The N8's portrait keyboard still rocks the T9.

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Not pictured: Puka necklace and Counting Crows " Tour" t-shirt. The phone relies on a software on-screen keyboard, like the iPhone and many Android phones. But the keyboard is aggressively bad, assisted in its mission to frustrate by the phone's slightly smaller-than-average screen. Both the portrait and landscape keyboards take up the entire screen, so you're never sure if you're typing in the right text entry box. It's a keypad-style layout, forcing you to either use T9 or that triple-tap technique straight out of It is, frankly, perverse.

The Ovi Store has been revamped, but the N8 is currently in a sort of app limbo: So the Ovi Store's N8 offerings are slim and could very well stay that way. Even worse, lots of essential apps, including Google's offerings like Maps and GMail, are nowhere to be found in the Ovi Store. That leaves you with Nokia's vastly inferior and painfully slow Ovi Maps, which managed to locate neither my favorite coffeeshop nor the restaurant at which I had reservations-- not even while I was standing inside them.

I should also add that the Ovi Store force-closed on me several times, requiring me to reboot the entire phone before it worked again. Nokia has taken a page from Android's book with its homescreen, which is heavily widgetized and customizable, to a point. It has three pages, each of which is wide enough for four items--and only four items. Widgets have to be four items wide, and individual items like, say, apps can only be added in groups of four. Bizarrely, you can't move widgets or apps: You have to delete them, and then add them again, which involves a lot of scrolling through lists.

So if you want to switch the locations of two widgets, you have to delete both of them, then add them both again in the right order.

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Basically, you'll be tempted to really test out the N8's sturdy body and screen by hurling it against a brick wall in frustration. As of now, you'll have to pre-order it unsubsidized. The Nokia N8's hardware is actually quite nice, despite its unimpressive processor, and the camera is fantastic. As a phone, one that people will use to browse the Internet, play games, communicate, and find information on the go, it's impossible to recommend in the face of so many better options.

Stepping back, Nokia's situation is very similar to what's happening over at Microsoft.

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Windows Mobile 6. That last iteration of Windows Mobile was so bad, so frustrating, so wrong in the most obvious of ways that Microsoft finally broke, and trashed the whole thing. That gave them the freedom to create Windows Phone 7, an exciting and innovative replacement that has absolutely nothing in common with its predecessor. The N8 proves that Nokia can still make a hell of a piece of hardware, and with a new OS on the horizon, the Finnish giant might just be able to turn the disaster that is the N8 into something great.

Reversi Reversi sometimes called "Othello" is a classic board game. This free open source application includes possibility to play vs opponent with different skills or with a friend.

Game also has "Setup position", "Undo", "Show possible moves" functions. Traintiles All aboard! Traintiles is an exciting new puzzle game for your mobile phone! Do you have what it takes to be the best Railroad Engineer? Travel from calm forests to dangerous volcanoes while battling incr Gears Installation instruction: Open Nokia Store client on your phone internet connection not required 2. Minimize Nokia Store and start installing Gears 3. Enjoy full game If you are a big puzzler fun Gea Sensible Sudoku 2 you can get an unlock key for free on the developer's website Play the most enjoyable Sudoku for mobiles with a pleasant interface, elegant audio and engaging gameplay.

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Sensible Sudoku includes everything that makes playing Sudoku on a mobile a truly e Fruit Ninja Fruit Ninja is a juicy action game with squishy, splatty and satisfying fruit carnage! Become the ultimate bringer of sweet, tasty destruction with every slash.

The Game of Life HD for Nokia N8 & other Belle smartphones - Signed Game Download

Swipe up across the screen to deliciously slash fruit like a true ninja warrior. With three game Logo Quiz This is an addictive and fun game that consists of guessing the names of hundreds of logos from different companies. If you are getting stuck you can use hint. With every 3 logos you guess right you earn a hint. MicroMaze Labyrinth games are maybe the best time killers: You guide a ball through a maze just with tilting the phone.