Blackberry 9900 mep 0 fix

A screen with some information should appear. Fill in the form below with the: Device PIN 8 characters long 2. App Version including any decimals, spaces and brackets 3.

How to find the PRD MEP of your Blackberry

Leave your phone on that screen with those pieces of information. From the menu, you got that information from on your phone, type in the code created above. Nothing will appear when typing. On non-touch screens, phones hold the ALT key when typing numbers but not when typing letters.

Blackberry And Bold 0 MEP Direct Unlock With Miracle Solve :) - GSM-Forum

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Stage 3: I just bought bb and have 0 chance to unlock. What can i do? I just bought this phone and I need a solution as soon as possible.

How do I know if my BlackBerry is Hard-locked?

Have any other way to unlock without insert a code? Unfortunately, we do not have a solution for this at the time.

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Hard locked phones are a pain. Your best bet is to sell it to someone who uses that network carrier letting them know that they can use it only on that network and to purchase a new phone that can be unlocked. Your email address will not be published.

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  • Blackberry Hardlocked Online Unlock – “0 MEP” Tries Left Repair / Fix.
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